Tips On Removing Bees From Bush

If you have bees that are on your property, you may need to remove them. They can pose a safety threat for you and your family. If you are in a rural community, or even in an urban area, bees can congregate around the bushes on your property. If you come to quotes, or if you accidentally bump the bush, they could fly out at you at a high speed. You could be stung multiple times, so to prevent this from happening, you will have to know about removing bees from bush.

Why You Would Want To Remove Bees From A Bush

Although bees do play an important role in the pollination process, too many of them can be a great danger. At the very least, they can be a potential threat, which could affect your family, and also your pets. The best way to begin is to do something early in the morning. Bees do not like the cold. They are unable to move until the weather becomes warmer. After they have returned at night, preferably at the break of dawn, you will then want to remove them.

How To Remove The Bees

If you want to remove them, you must first dress appropriately. This will include wearing long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and gloves. If you have safety glasses, and a veil to cover your face, you will have everything that you need to stay safe. If you are wearing boots, or shoes with high tops, tuck your pant legs in. You will then go to the source of the bees, and begin to spray the nest, preferably with rotenone or pyrethrin spray. This will affect the bees, but not your plants, nor will it harm the soil.

The other possibility is that you can contact a bee expert. They will have netting and other contraptions they can use to capture the bees and relocate them. However, if there is no one in your community for this type of job, you will have to do it yourself. By preparing in the way that was recommended, you can stay safe while you are doing this work. The bees will soon be gone, using the spray, which will help you avoid the potential catastrophe of people that your household getting stung. Use these tips on removing bees from bush. It will help you stay safe, and eliminate a potential best, that can cause unwanted pain-and-suffering.